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Palmieri & Eisenberg
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Alexandria, VA 22314

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Firm Background

The firm of Palmieri & Eisenberg has offices in Princeton, New Jersey and Alexandria, Virginia, and concentrates its practice in tax and ERISA employee benefit and employment related matters, as more fully described in our Summary of Services.

The goal of our firm is to provide highly specialized employee benefit and employment legal advice to employers and employer organizations. Our business philosophy is to assist our clients in achieving short-term and long-term employee benefit and business objectives in an expeditious and cost effective manner. With our experience, employers are able to make appropriate decisions and return to their primary concern, which is running profitable businesses, rather than focusing on employee benefit and employment issues on a daily basis. In addition to working with senior management in designing and implementing employee benefit and employment programs, we remain a resource for human resource, tax and employee benefit professionals who administer retirement, medical and other benefit programs, and employment policies and procedures. We also frequently address employee benefit and employment related matters which arise in connection with the hiring, retention and termination of employees.

We have been successful in establishing long-term working relationships with employers which we refer to as "relationship clients". The advantage of developing such a relationship is that we are familiar with an employer's corporate culture, business philosophy and legal needs. Our knowledge of our clients also helps us respond promptly to changing developments and reduces the "learning curve" often experienced with each new project and professional advisor.

If our approach to the practice of law is of interest to you, we would be happy to meet with you and your colleagues to discuss the manner in which we may establish a professional relationship.



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